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Bottletop Band - Dream Service

  by Sarah Maybank

published: 11 / 9 / 2011

Bottletop Band - Dream Service
Label: Bottletop Records
Format: CD


Surprisingly compulsive and infectious charity project album which has artists such as Gruff Rhys, the Arctic Monkeys' Matt Helders and VV brown collaborating with some of Brazil's best musicians

The Bottletop Band is a means of raising awareness through credible musical collaborations,” states the press release for 'Dream Service', making a knowing point about most well-meaning but dull charity records - crammed with fame hungry B-listers - with one bald statement. Well, it looks like those funds will have to consider the bar raised, because 'Dream Service' delivers on two counts. Watch the credibility meter soar when you read of Bottletop's high profile supporters; Kate Moss and Rachel Weisz buy its products; Gruff Rhys, Money Mark and the Arctics' Matt Helders appear on the album. And then see it explode into tiny, joyful pieces when you realise 'Dream Service' is actually a listen-again, and again, and again... proposition. No, really. Coralling a bunch of Brazil's finest musicians, it starts out in bright and breezy fashion, bossanova-ing us to Ipanema beach in the company of VV Brown for the floating, 'Mas Que Nada'-ish opener, 'Voices'. Sam Sparro explores more psychedelic territory for 'The End is the Beginning', which has hints of the Beatles' 'Tomorrow Never Knows' and things take a reggae tack with Tim Burgess' 'Be Together'. 'Kowalski' a clattering car chase of a track – complete with police sirens - roughens the album's smooth textures and summery melodies, while the stripped-down, insistent 'You'll Get Nothing' reminds us of the bleak reality blighting the society that spawned such heart-lifting sounds. Bottletop the charity supports grass roots youth projects in countries as far afield as Brazil and Mozambique. To be honest, even if it was channeling cash into a revived Neil and Christine Hamilton cash-for-questions fund, you'd still be hard pressed to stop yourself parting with money for it. You might buy it to salve your conscience – but you'll keep on listening because it's impossible not to.

Track Listing:-
1 Intro
2 Voices
3 End Is The Beginning
4 One In A Million
5 Be Together
6 Fall To Rome
7 Insisto
8 You'll Get Nothing
9 Dream Service
10 Mana
11 A Message

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