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Inca Gold - II

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 8 / 7 / 2011

Inca Gold - II
Label: Color + Vision
Format: CDS


Formulaic European pop on second EP this year from Scandinavian group, Inca Gold

There are apparently more Scandinavians and, given the speed at which they roam foreign pop market shores like storming Normans, I'd say it is about time to start to panic. This second Inca Gold EP brings even more of the non-descript A-ha influences that gets mistaken for genuine music these days. 'Hazy drone pop' is how Inca Gold describe themselves. Inca Gold are like the vogue-ish trumpeteers for the new Abba-generation. On the strength of this EP, my recommendation would be to skip it. The mention of ABBA serves a guideline. ABBA and A-HA sound so similar that it makes you bang your head at why you did not come up with the pun earlier. Fine chart material this may be, yet it not my cup of tea. Reaching for my butter milk, can I have 'Inca Gold 3' on toast? With ABBA or A-ha one can never tell. I would like to stay to in the know.

Track Listing:-
1 Into Hiding
2 League
3 Dark Moves
4 Gone Fishing

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