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Txarly Brown - Banda Achilfunk-Gitano Real

  by Spencer Robertshaw

published: 9 / 6 / 2011

Txarly Brown  - Banda Achilfunk-Gitano Real
Label: Lovemonk
Format: CD


Refreshing and vibrant collection overseen by DJ Txarly Brown of reworkings in Spanish of both well known and lesser known dance anthems, the third and final volume in Madrid-based label's Banda Achilfunk series

A great album of Latina vibes which mixes some well known tracks with some lesser known to produce a brilliant summer album from this Madrid based label. Michael Jackson's 'Bad' and Macfadden and Whiteheads' 'Ain't No Stopping Us Now' are instantly recognizable along with the classic 'I Believe in Miracles' by Capanni and Taylor, but just because they are tracks we know there is no slamming the rest of the album. It is refreshing and vibrant. I dare anyone not to have a boogie with the infectious rhythms and dynamic production that this album has. If you have heard any of the excellent Rhythms Del Mondo's 'Cuba Funk' albums and who do their own versions of well known mainstream songs then this release is definitely for you. The label is definitely specialist being on a funk tip and as with all specialists they do a very good job of what they do - good funky music. With all the tracks being in a different langauge you are led to groove with the music as most of us wont be able to sing along. One track I found very clever and interesting was 'Number 11 Bombealo', which is a funky kind of cover of Grand Master Flash's 'Pump Me Up' and is a great tribute to the master. What more can I say ?, If you are having a barbeque or sitting in a trendy bar somewhere then this album is perfect. Have a cold one on me - Enjoy.

Track Listing:-
1 Cocos
2 La Lotería
3 I Believe In Miracles
4 Feeling
5 La HIja Del Panadero
6 Rumbita Tru-La-La (Instrumental)
7 The Vulture
8 Gitano Real
9 Take It Easy My Brother Charles
10 No Nos Pararán
11 Bombéalo
12 Bad (Instrumental)

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