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Fakir - We'll See When We Get There

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 7 / 6 / 2011

Fakir - We'll See When We Get There
Label: Phenix/Disques Offfice
Format: CD


Fabulous album of soul-searching gothic and dark wave rock on debut solo album from former Predominant Lunatics guitarist, Fakir

Fakir recently toured as guitarist and programmer with F.A.Q. Back in 2008, he was also the guitarist in the Predominant Lunatics. 'We'll See When We Get There' is his first solo album, and was recorded in his living room in Bern, Switzerland, and then mixed and mastered in London. 'To Where' opens the album. It is gloriously dark and engaging late night soul searching music. 'Dream' sounds like the Cure in its direction and flow as does a lot of the material on this album, but it uses the Cure as an influence, and then betters that original influence and takes that sound to a higher plain. 'Butterfly Effect', another soul searching number, has a crystal delivery, and its subject matter is wrapped up in the darker side to life. 'Time Will Tell' sounds like early new wave when it still sounded still fresh, and is executed with flair and imagination. 'Never Ever' is engaging dark wave, done with grace and style. If you are going to do goth music, it should be as original and fresh as this. 'I don't Care' is as crispy and dark as broken wood bark deep in a German forest in in which the wolves howl. 'Kiss Don't Tell' is much slower, and more reflective with a really great groove to it. 'The First Word' is another Gothic number, a song that will drag you into its dark heart. 'The Five Stars' is well paced and well played, while its colours are dark. 'There is No' is of course as black as night, more keyboards-based at first before the vocals and guitar kill you with their beautiful sounds A great album.

Track Listing:-
1 To Where
2 Dream
3 Butterfly Effect
4 Time Will Tell
5 Never Ever
6 I Don't Care
7 Kiss Don't Tell
8 The First Word
9 The Five Stars
10 There Is No

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