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Hanson - Shout It Out

  by Fiona Hutchings

published: 4 / 6 / 2011

Hanson - Shout It Out
Label: Hansomix
Format: CD


Grown up, yet credible latest album of pop rock from former bubblegum baby boy band, Hanson

Let's be honest here, I say Hanson - you say 'MMMbop'. It would be easy to take cheap shots at Hanson for their former bubblegum baby boy band image. But only someone who has not bothered to listen to their latest offering would make that mistake. Fourteen years after that particular surfer sunshine hit, Zac, Issac and Taylor Hanson have matured into a credible pop rock with tinges of country and blues. They were never one hit wonders in the first place with 6 US and 8 UK singles in the respective top 40s. Starting while still in short trousers means that at the grand old ages of 25, 30 and 28 respectively, they have a sound and experience a little beyond their years. They have run their own record label since 2003. This along with the fact they also produced the album could have left them liable to over indulge themselves but the album is tight and flows well. Maturity doesn't mean serious necessarily (thank the lord) and 'Thinkin' About Something' is more grown up but pop just the same (Also Weird Al Yankovic has a cameo in the video.). 'Give A Little' is a very radio friendly summer tune with a funk/reggae feel. Meanwhile 'Carry You There' has more of a world weary Eagles sound that has been mixed with a thread of gospel. Zac rather than Taylor takes the lead vocals on tracks 'And I Waited', 'Use Me Up' and 'Musical Ride', while Issac's turn as the main man on 'Make It Through Today' was only released as a bonus track on the Japanese pressing. Zac sings in a lower and somehow funkier register than his older brother. There is something of the Lenny Kravitz in here somewhere - Yes, I was surprised too! 'Use Me Up' is the resigned voice of someone much older surely? Wrung out and washed up. The second half of the album feels slower and lower key for the most part. 'Me, Myself and I' in particular is a spare piano based ballad. All told this is a solid and enjoyable album with enough solid hooks to reel you in.

Track Listing:-
1 Waiting For This
2 Thinking 'Bout Somethin'
3 Kiss Me When You Come Home
4 Carry You There
5 Give A Little
6 Make It Out Alive
7 And I Waited
8 Use Me Up
9 These Walls
10 Musical Ride
11 Voice In The Chorus
12 Me Myself And I

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