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Kafka - Geografia

  by Lisa Torem

published: 7 / 4 / 2011

Kafka - Geografia
Label: Pyromane Records
Format: CD


Wildly creative debut album from French experimental and instrumental four-piece, Kafka

They’re not the only rock group called Kafka, but they certainly have a unique sound, and, you, the listener, will undergo a musical metamorphosis, by the time you give the CD a thorough listen. This French quartet creates set instrumental pieces that are cinematic wonders. Their eleven track alabum, 'Geografia',is not only other worldly, but wildly creative. The first cut, ‘Idio’s Groove’ is comprised of ethereal sound bytes, which splinter into sprightly minimalist patterns. The next, ‘The Stream’ continues this creative trajectory but is joined by a percussive pattern that recalls Spanish castanets. ‘Rewind Part 1’ and ‘Rewind Part 2’ contain mind-bending repetitive bass tones which tango with shimmering, legato strings, but it is not just the kaleidoscope of patterns that delights, it is the subliminal way in which the process is felt, that is joyful. Each parallel line struggles with another, and then defines its own boundary. That is what makes the composition astonishing. ‘Sretcher’ comes alive with a call and response between motifs. ‘Crumpled Paper’ is meditative, slo-mo. It cascades through time, emulsifies, levitates, and unpredictably, resounds with random harmonies. Then, we hear the eerie percussive ‘Rapt’ – eclipsed by even more startling space bytes. ‘Spirals’ pulses with disassociative glitches. ‘Spheres’ contrasts the rest with its sinister bass and compelling patterns which emerge quickly and dissipate, like images in a child’s kaleidoscope. ‘Soto Ni Deru’ surprises when vocals erupt from almost out of nowhere. Guillaume Mazard (bass), Remi Faraut (batterie), Clement Peyronnet (guitar) and Remi Aurine-Belloc, also on guitar, are the wizards behind this instrumental alchemy. They tour regularly in Europe and probably put on a mesmerizing performance. But, you’ll still be greatly entertained if you simply hear 'Geografia' in your home.

Track Listing:-
1 Idio's Groove
2 The Stream
3 Rewind Part 1
4 Rewind Part 2
5 Streches
6 The Throb Of Time
7 Crumpled Paper
8 Rapt
9 Spirals
10 Spheres
11 Soto Ni Deru

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