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Various - Late Night Tales-Midlake

  by Carl Bookstein

published: 5 / 4 / 2011

Various - Late Night Tales-Midlake
Label: Late Night Tales
Format: CD


Comforting folk music which, including tracks by Bjork, Beach House, the Flying Burrito Brothers and Nico, was selected for the 'Late Night Tales' series by acclaimed Texan-based band, Midlake

The latest 'Late Night Tales' is an eclectic mix of folk music. 'Late Night Tales' is a compilation album series that has been put out over the past decade. Each edition features song choices made by a different band. This latest 2011 edition showcases music chosen by the vintage American band Midlake, formed in the small town of Denton, Texas nearly a decade ago. Midlake have a reputation as hard workers with moving live shows and a growing fan base from around the world. They have experimented with 1970s Southern California harmony rock, and writes repeatedly about nature and simpler times. Clearly Midlake put a lot of thought into their selections for this latest 'Late Night Tales' compilation. A soothing collection- this assembles a variety of tunes that are together a blend of comforting folk music. Bob Carpenter’s 'Silent Passage' starts the collection off with a soft voice and music that rings true as the singer philosophises about travelling: “It’s only coming home that brings a tear.” Songs by legendary folk bands Fairport Convention and Steeleye Span follow, 'Genesis Hall' and 'The Blacksmith' respectively. Midlake’s sole performance on the album is a beautiful and haunting cover of the Black Sabbath song 'Am I Going Insane?' This rich acoustic cover tune pierces the soul and cuts to the core with the lyric “I feel like going under… Tell me people, am I going insane?” Bjork is featured here also with 'Unravel'. Her signature vocal shines on this track, capturing true emotion. 'Silver Soul' performed by Beach House is one of the collection’s finest moments. This song alone is worth the price of admission. 'Silver Soul' washes over you with an eerie sound that glistens, bringing to mind Mazzy Star with its combination of lovely vocals, beauty and blues. Beach House is a band that is making major waves and holds great promise for the future. The easy country rock of the classic Flying Burrito Brothers is included here as well with 'Christine’s Tune', a welcome addition. 'These Days' performed by Nico is perhaps my favourite track on the album. Nico was a magnetic singer with a truly unique voice and her version of this Jackson Browne penned tune goes straight to the heart: “I stopped my rambling/I don’t do too much gambling these days/It’s just that I’ve been losing so long.” The final musical number on the collection is 'Whispering Pines' by the Band. It was Midlake’s selection of this tune that peaked my interest in this collection. Richard Manuel’s voice is soulful and stunning- one of his and the Band’s all time greatest from the Band’s eponymous “brown album”: “If only one star shines, that’s just enough to get inside.” The spoken word piece by Will Self at the end of the album is a shift in tone and for me doesn’t belong here. With Midlake’s folk based song choices, they have, however, assembled for 'Late Night Tales' a fine collection.

Track Listing:-
1 Silent Passage
2 Time's The Thief
3 Genesis Hall
4 The Blacksmith
5 Warmth Of Your Eyes
6 Caroline
7 Esmaria
8 Copenhagen
9 Am I Going Insane
10 Unravel
11 Silver Soul
12 Carnival
13 Christine's Tune
14 Happiness & Tears
15 Coldest Night Of The Year
16 Crucify Your Mind
17 These Days
18 Whispering Pines
19 The Happy Detective (Part 4)

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