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Steve Cradock - Peace City West

  by Spencer Robertshaw

published: 23 / 3 / 2011

Steve Cradock - Peace City West
Label: Absolute Marketing
Format: CD


Expertly-crafted 60's-influenced second solo album from Ocean Colour Scene guitarist and Paul Weller touring band member, Steve Cradock

Hey, this album is definitely interesting. How many influences can you hear ? The Beatles, the Animals, Pink Floyd, the Faces, the Who, Bowie (a bit of), a good blossom of flower power, and the Summer (or Summers) of Love the first time around. In fact most sixties formula could be applied. The lyrics could be by Lennon, Spencer Davis, Dylan or any of the talented lyricists developing in that era. There is even a bit of flute that is reminiscent of Jethro Tull on the odd track. 'Peace City West' is the second solo album of Steve Cradock, who is Ocean Colour Scene's guitarist and who also works with Paul Weller as part of his touring band. It gently prods you right between the eyes with stunning tracks such as the ninth number, 'Steppin' Aside', which is very well done in its make up and delivery, and the twelfth track, 'Interlude C', which is just an instrumental short, repetitive piece but, appearing two tracks from the end, is put exactly where it should be on the journey that this album takes you on. I felt like putting my old Afghan coat on and running around in the park hugging trees. This is, however, meant in a complementary way. This album is refreshing and daring, standing out with its good lyrics and expert musical delivery and timing. It is clear what Cradock has set out to do on this recording and, bearing this in mind, you simply can't negate the fact that he has got it spot on. Why not have a bit of fun asking your friends' which era and which artist it is? I bet you will get some interesting answers. Play this on a hot summer's day out in the garden whilst having a barbeque and a few shandies. Great Stuff!

Track Listing:-
1 Last Days Of The Old World
2 Pleasure Seekers
3 Finally Found My Way Back Home
4 Interlude A
5 Kite's Rise Up Against The Wind
6 My Scooter Sits Idle
7 Only Look Up When Youre Down
8 Interlude B
9 Steppin' Aside
10 Little Girl
11 Lay Down Your Weary Burden
12 Interlude C
13 I Man
14 Ring The Changes

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