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Das Wanderlust - Bones, Hooves and Horns

  by Jamie Rowland

published: 5 / 3 / 2011

Das Wanderlust - Bones, Hooves and Horns
Label: Wanderlust
Format: CD


Ambitious second and allegedly final album from experimentalist group, Das Wanderlust

Since Das Wanderlust released their first five track demo back in 2005, their line-up has shifted and warped along with their sound. Initially they played music which fell somewhere between wonky-pop luminaries Bearsuit and Japanese squeaky, speed-punk masters, Melt Banana. Their debut album, 'Horses for Courses', came out in mid-2009 and presented a more streamlined, cleaner version of the DW sound – including some final versions of songs keyboardist/vocalist Laura Simmons had written before the band was even formed, way back in 2004. With these songs recorded and the album released, the band announced that they were calling it quits with their entire back catalogue and never playing any of those songs again. They then spent well over a year writing and recording their new – and apparently, final – album – 'Bones, Hooves and Horns'. 'Bones...' once more evolves the band’s musical style, taking the strengths from their earlier work and pushing it to reach its full potential. It’s a million miles from that first demo; the more throwaway nature of songs like ‘It’ll Never Be Yours’ is nowhere to be seen. That’s not to say I don’t like that song, but rather that these new tracks sound like they were written by a band who are a lot more confident and ambitious in their writing. You’re not left wondering why the recording process was so long – this is a record which has been carefully put together and it really benefits from it. Some people might miss the more immediate, poppy nature of songs like ‘I Wish I Was Robot’ or ‘Apples’, but 'Bones, Hooves and Horns' rewards repeated listens, and it’s hardly without catchy hooks – the outro to ‘Swan Song’ is quite frankly spectacular, and instrumental track ‘Midwinter Carol For Yamaha Ice Block’ is like an 8-bit lullaby – all bleeps and loveliness. Well, until the last minute or so, when guitarist Andy Elliott comes back in, waving his noisy axe (that’s slang for guitar, fact fans). What I think is most appealing about Bones, Hooves and Horns is that, unlike the debut record, which was pieced together from songs written over a 5 year period, it sounds like a whole; a single piece of work where all the songs play off and compliment each other. It’s in equal parts thrashy, melodic, funny, heartfelt, weird, exciting, catchy and impressive. If this indeed to be Das Wanderlust’s final release, I’m very sorry to hear it, but at least they went out in style.

Track Listing:-
1 Fish Necklace
2 Subtle As A Brick
3 Swan Song
4 Untitled
5 Midwinter Carol For Yamaha Ice Block
6 The Way Of The World
7 Hole In The Ground
8 Livingstone
9 Sweet Pea Curtains
10 I Am Not My Brain
11 You're Only Young Once
12 Ray Of Sunshine

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