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Gay For Johnny Depp - What Doesn't Kill You Eventually Kills You

  by Paul Waller

published: 2 / 3 / 2011

Gay For Johnny Depp - What Doesn't Kill You Eventually Kills You
Label: Shinebox
Format: CD


Puerily comical, but vituperative second album from New York-based hardcore act, Gay For Johnny Depp

Once you have heard New York’s Gay For Johnny Depp you find they appeal to the teenager in you. That part of you that wanted to like the Bloodhound Gang but found them too comedy and too weak musically can be filled to the brim with wacky songtitles (try 'Nine Inch Males and 'No,I’m Married to Jesus. Now Keep Your Fucking Hands Off of Him' on for size), obtuse rhythms and full pelt power thrash. Whilst this record is still pretty vile, the band has toned down some of the anger which was commonplace on their previous albums and EPs. They only really bring on the pure filth ridden rage during 'Pink Flag', but the real disappointment for me lies in the fact that the group seem to have cut down on the vocal hooks as well. The opening track here just doesn’t compare to the likes of 'Cumpassion' which opened up their astonishing debut album 'The Politics Of Cruelty'. Still the likes of 'Sucksess' and 'She Has the Hottest Limp' are equal if not better than anything else in the Gay For Johnny Depp canon so it’s clear the band are not going through the motions just yet. I just hope that with the band's next release they don’t include another lame duck like they have on this one with the god awful cover of Slade’s 'Cum On Feel te Noize', predictably re titled 'Cum On Feel the Boize'. If ever a band worked in short sharp spurts of molten hardcore riffs, then it’s this one. There is nothing to gain in them tagging this pitiful cover version on the end of the record. It winds me up so damn much. I hate it.... But then again wasn’t that always the point with Gay For Johnny Depp

Track Listing:-
1 Santa Claus, The Easter Bunny And Artistic Integrity
2 Suckcess
3 She Has The Hottest Limp (It's All Noize)
4 Humility Is For People Who Don't Comprehend Their Own Mortality
5 We Are The World? Burn It Down!
6 Rod Don't Surf
7 Nine Inch Males (Born To Hate)
8 No, I'm Married To Jesus. Now Keep Your Fucking Hands Off Of Him
9 Pink Flag
10 What Doesn't Kill You, Eventually Kills You
11 Cum On Feel The Boize

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