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Beautiful Losers - Four Corners of a Tiny Planet

  by Spencer Robertshaw

published: 17 / 12 / 2010

Beautiful Losers - Four Corners of a Tiny Planet
Label: Strawberry Hill Music
Format: CD


Superb Led Zeppelin-influenced debut album from San Francisco duo, the Beautiful Losers

This record will give you a pleasant surprise if you have ever liked any of the output of Robert Plant or that little known band Led Zeppelin. Singer and guitarist Brett Boyd has more than a passing resemblance in his vocals to Plant. His voice is not quite as guttural, but comes a decent second as if Plant was having a bit of a chill and singing not all out, but sitting back in the studio and letting the words slip velvet-like from his well-crafted vocal chords. The Beautiful Losers, a San Francisco-based duo, which also consists of multi-instrumentalist and singer Ray Ramayya, are good musicians and ones who don’t mind taking chances including using Eastern instruments in their tracks. It is refreshing to hear no autotune or other gimmicks on the album. It seems that any band trying to get anywhere these days thinks that autotune or other effects must be used. I am glad that proper music is still available and bands with a good chance of making it such as the Beautiful Losers are still doing things the old-fashioned way. An interesting cover of 'Across the Universe' is the album's last track and very listenable making a smile appear on my my face. Each track is different to the other which is also harder to come by nowadays. 'Four Corners of a Tiny Planet' has massive potential if the Zep or Plant fans get wind of it. While it has the Zep/Plant vibe, it is, however, strong enough to stand on its own and also moves beyond its obvious influences.

Track Listing:-
1 Peaceful Buddhist Warrior
2 Here In Our Dreams
3 Romantic Hippy Gunfighter
4 Young Peruvians
5 A Little Bit's Better Than Nothing
6 Melody Maker
7 Yeh Dosti
8 The Story Has Been Told
9 Ted the Handsome Cat
10 Way Down
11 Sister Lately
12 Across The Universe

Have a Listen:-

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