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NLF3 - Beautiful Is the Way to the World Beyond

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 2 / 12 / 2010

NLF3 - Beautiful Is the Way to the World Beyond
Label: Prohibited Records
Format: CD


Meditative and largely instrumental combination of tribal rhythms and and TV tunes on latest album from Parisian trio, NLF3

Hippie post-rock with touches of 'kraut' and Belgian absurdity marks this NLF3 CD as somewhat exceptional. Smart rhythm patterns, equally based on tribal Central-African (Congotronics!) as well as on TV tunes, determine this fluent exercise in innovation. NLF3 are a threesome and they lay down some heavy stuff. In contrast, the track 'Shadows My Friend' is ploughing through darkness, whereas 'Shine Shine Shine' and most of all 'Straight Forward' recalls the uplifting easy tunes of Brussels's Dim Dim. At this stage, NLF3 have already become the freeform math-rock trio they eagerly appear to be. NLF3 merge lullabies with cyclic compositions and the end result shows a meditative quality. The near absence of the human voice is only felt towards the end of the album. The musicianship has at times been wonderful. NLF3's tracks make you drift away towards new shores, and it is up to you if you think words fail here. NLF3 express themselves in a very rich manner. 'Beautiful Is the Way to the World Beyond' is groovy and jittery.

Track Listing:-
1 Wild Chants
2 Beautiful Is The Way To The World Beyond
3 The Lost Racer
4 At Full Blast
5 Shine Shine Shine
6 Shadows My Friends
7 Straight Forward
8 Enneagon
9 Cerf Volant

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