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Tomorrow We Sail - The Common Fire

  by John Clarkson

published: 2 / 12 / 2010

Tomorrow We Sail - The Common Fire
Label: Tomorrow We Sail
Format: CDS


Fine post rock on beautifully-presented debut EP from Leeds/Sheffield-based group Tomorrow We Sail

Leeds and Sheffield-based group Tomorrow We Sail may have perhaps done themselves something of an over-service with the packaging of their debut release, ‘The Common Fire’. It appears in a rectangular-shaped glazed-metal box with an old-fashioned sailing boat emblazoned across its front. This simple, but effective premise is so visually striking and pleasing, and unusual for a CD, that initially anyway it detracts from the music. Musically as well as aesthetically, Tomorrow We Sail have, however, a lot to offer. The band describe ‘The Common Fire’ which is only four tracks long as an EP, but at thirty minutes in length it could equally be defined as a mini-album. Their music is similarly under-stated, a form of soft, soaring post-rock with long, lingering ambient passages. Singer Tim Hay has a rich, treacly voice. There is some gorgeously melancholic violin and viola playing from Angela Chan. The fact as well that Hay and his fellow guitarist Matt Clarke and bassist Tom Ilett really take their time over these seven or eight minute songs, rather than quickly pushing for the kind of crash-and-bang effect beloved of so many post-rock bands, and more often than not simply don’t bother at all, also greatly enhances ‘The Common Fire’. This is perfectly realised on the EP’s third song and stand-out track, ‘Threads’, an aching lament and choral duet between Hay and guest vocalist, Glissando singer, the always extraordinary Elly May Irving. Leeds and Yorkshire have a thriving post-rock scene, but Tomorrow We Sail still manage to bring something fresh to it. This slow-burning band’s music takes a while to get into its listener’s mind, but once there remains on it for days.

Track Listing:-
1 The Sun Also Rises
2 We All Fall Down (In Silence)
3 Threads
4 Beacons

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