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Various - Top Dog: A Retrospective of Classic TV and Radio Themes 1960-1982

  by Fiona Hutchings

published: 12 / 11 / 2010

Various - Top Dog: A Retrospective of Classic TV and Radio Themes 1960-1982
Label: De Wolfe
Format: CD


Fabulous compilation of classic TV and radio themes from the 1960s through to the early 1980s

I suppose the first question when confronted with a CD of TV and radio show themes is, why would you need it? But then why do we need any music in our lives at all? We just do! Theme tunes do tend to get a bit of a bad press (and, yes, Dennis Waterman I do hold you primarily responsible for that) but this sometimes leads to fabulous pieces of music being over looked. The theme tunes from shows as varied as 'Van de Valk', 'Monty Python's Flying Circus' and 'Man About the House 'are so iconic and part of our popular culture that even if you never saw the shows there is a good chance you heard the music. All 26 tracks are digital remastered from the originals and sound crystal clear. The wonderfully punk harmonica of 'Roobarb' sounds better on my current music system than it did in the mid 80s through my parents battered brown tank of a telly. Okay, some of it is kitsch and maybe even a little cheesy, but there is no arguing with the fact that the De Wolfe Music company have and will hopefully continue to provide us with a plethora of catchy ditties. Maybe you need this album to aid in the construction of a mighty pub quiz. Or maybe, like me, you need it so that you can reminisce with friends and family about the master piece that never made it to the gallery walls with 'Left Bank Two'. But if all that hasn't convinced you then buy it because it has the rare synth classic that is 'Henry's Cat'. At forty eight seconds it could be deemed a trifle on the brief side but it is more than long enough to put a big smile on your face.

Track Listing:-
1 Eye Level
2 Accroche-Toi, Caroline
3 Roobarb
4 Liberty Bell
5 Top Dog
6 George & Mildred
7 Comedy Hour
8 The Gonk
9 Left Bank Two
10 Precinct
11 The Power Game
12 Up To Date
13 The Greatest Show On Earth
14 Fruity Flutes
15 Ready To Serve
16 Inspector Rose
17 Radioscope
18 Henry's Cat
19 Trombones On Parade
20 Flatrock
21 Merry Ocarina
22 The Mugwamp
23 Domino
24 Rite De La Terre
25 Tonight And Every Night
26 Distant Hills

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