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Zephyrs - Fool of Regrets

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 2 / 10 / 2010

Zephyrs - Fool of Regrets
Label: Club AC30
Format: CD


Intelligent post-rock on long awaited fifth album from Edinburgh-based post-rock band, the Zephyrs

'Fool of Regrets' is the fifth album and first album since 2005 from Edinburgh-based post rock band the Zephyrs who at one stage worked with Rachel Goswell of Slowdive and Mojave 3 fame. It opens with 'Creative Faith' which was a single and sounds something like Blue Oyster Cult's 'Don't Fear the Reaper' with its jangly guitars and odd keyboards. The vocals of singer/guitarist David Nicol pull you in for the journey, while his guitar solo is all consuming like what the Cure do, once they have you in their own hands. 'Wet Outside, Dry in Here,'is pure slowcore, gentle and with lush harmonies from Nicol and co-singer Emily Hall which are as strong as those by the Beach Boys. 'The Lonely Trekker' is another off-kilter number, upon which Nicol's laid back and narrative vocals recall Stuart Staples from Tindersticks. 'Ransom starts off sounding like the Jesus and Mary Chain's 'Just Like Honey' and, also recalling the Velvet Underground, has a strong 60's element. 'Recruitment Agency' is low key, a song about the real world for those that have to live in it, and has the flow of a Christmas carol. 'Rip the Heart' sounds lonesome and heartbreaking and is slowly delivered and beautifully sang, while 'Cooking' is soft and smooth, possibly the missing link between the Beatles and the Flaming Lips. 'Automatic' is as slow as the Red House Painters, but much easier on the ears and quite charming. 'She Walked Me Home' is a duet, which is as elegant as a first date. 'Sole in the Machine' has an odd groove. It is loud and dance-based, but in an intelligent way as well as having a killer groove, and brings this fine album to a perfect end.

Track Listing:-
1 Creative Faith
2 Wet Outside Dry In Here
3 The Lonely Trekker
4 Ransom
5 Recruitment Agency
6 Rip The Hearts
7 Cooking
8 Automatic
9 Growing
10 She Walked Me Home
11 Sole In The Machine

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