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Digitonal - Be Still My Bleeping Heart

  by Paul Waller

published: 12 / 8 / 2010

Digitonal - Be Still My Bleeping Heart
Label: Just Music
Format: CD


Frequently clever, but also often bland instrumental electronica on compilation album from Digitonal, the project of London-based musician Andy Dobson

Although Digitonal main man Andy Dobson wants to distance himself from the chill out scene, putting out this record will not endorse anything other than the confirmation that it is a fitting genre home for his electronica outfit. 'Be Still My Bleeping Heart' is a vocal-less collection of tracks taken from 2002 – 2008 that have appeared on various compilations and singles. Luckily it makes a coherent album. I say lucky because albums culled from odds and sods like this usually flow like a dried up lake in the Sahara. This would be great if the album didn’t completely pass you by until half way through where things pick up and make you take notice on 'Cactus V'. This track encompasses all that is great about Digitonal. All the potential cleverness pays off; the beats are a little freakier than elsewhere and the palette from which he crafts his sounds is fully embraced which is a revelation when four tracks have already passed by without the listener even noticing. The problem with Digitonal is the music is dated to a time when the Orb's 'Fluffy Little Clouds' drifted over the airwaves. Tracks such as the alien-esque 'Antares' or the final track Amberkreiss have that feel but are far less dance infused and more ambient inclined. There is a touch of post rock throughout thanks to the skilled violin playing from Sami Bishai but on the whole the album is background music. This of course will not be what Andy wants to hear but there is a place for music like this. There’s nothing wrong with putting out an album that would go down a treat at dinner parties but this I very much doubt is the demographic 'Be Still My Bleeping Heart' is aimed at.

Track Listing:-
1 Come and Play
2 Snowflake Vectors
3 Overline
4 Seraphim (Angel Mix)
5 Cantus V
6 Antares (Yuri's Mix)
7 Cuetips
8 Vearth
9 Maris Stella
10 Drencrom
11 Amberkreiss

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