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Art Of Noise - Influence (Hits, Singles, Moments, Treasures…)

  by Spencer Robertshaw

published: 12 / 8 / 2010

Art Of Noise - Influence (Hits, Singles, Moments, Treasures…)
Label: Salvo Music
Format: CD X2


Excellent and beautifully packaged double CD with many unreleased tracks from seminal 1980's electronic group, the Art of Noise

This is a complete insight into the Art of Noise, a great double CD which covers all the work they produced whether it be commercial releases, remixes or even TV commercials and soundtracks. The group were a mainly electronic outfit centred around composer Anne Dudley who started out in the early 1980's and finally dissolved in 2001. The music and its production values throughout are brilliant. If you ever liked any of their releases then this is a must buy, because, as well as featuring every single they have released, there are some rare tracks which are absolute crackers. The Art of Noise are often seen as an instrumental group, but there are some vocal-led tracks which just add to the experience. The music on 'Infleunce' is timeless. Some tracks are reminiscent of Kraftwerk, while others have a hip electro funk feel. There is a good covering of the more seminal tracks. Classic 1987 single ‘Moments in Love’is a good example with several good mixes. Sound bytes were instrumental in Art of Noise productions and were cleverly chosen and not over used. The second CD provides a lot of unreleased material and more gems. This double CD has enough variety to take any repetitiveness out of the equation and has some tracks which are and will always be classics. The second CD is the one for collectors with its unreleased music. 'Influence' is an excellent and beautifully packaged compilation from one of the infleuential electronic groups.

Track Listing:-
1 A Is For Beginning
2 Moments In Love
3 Beat Box (Diversion 10)
4 Close (To The Edit)
5 Love Beat
6 Promenade One
7 Legs
8 Peter Gunn
9 Paranoimia (The Paranoid Mix)
10 Dragnet (Art Of Noise 7" Mix)
11 Promenade Two
12 Ode To Don Jose
13 Acton Art
14 (Theme From) The Krypton Factor
15 Kiss
16 Finale
17 Metaforce
18 Something Is Missing
19 The Holy Egoism Of Genius
20 Un Tendre Et Triste Regret
21 Interlude One
22 Beep Beep
23 Beat Box (Diversion 3.4, Extracted)
24 A Time For Fear (JJ's 12" Remix)
25 Dainty
26 Moments In Love (Anne To Tears Mix)
27 Moments In Love (Monitor Mix)
28 Interlude Two
29 This Is Your Life (Take Six, TCH Vox)
30 This Is Your Life (Take Three, M Vox)
31 I'm A Stranger Here Myself
32 Cassandra
33 Interlude Three
34 Dr Gradus
35 Dreaming In Colour
36 On Being Blue (New Vox)
37 Beau Soir
38 Balance – Music For The Eye, Extract From Part Three
39 Dr Gradus (Reprise)
40 The Invention Of Love
41 Rutti Tutti Tutti

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