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Mother Mother - O My Heart

  by Paul Waller

published: 10 / 6 / 2010

Mother Mother - O My Heart
Label: Last Gang Records
Format: CD


Anthemic pop rock on overdue British release for debut album by Canadian group, Mother Mother

Eighteen months ago Canadian 5 piece pop rockers Mother Mother released ‘O My Heart’ domestically. Although the album was a huge critical success and gained the band many accolades including a coveted iTunes single of the week spot the band failed to break through to the mainstream. Now backed by Last Gang Records the group are trying their luck on our shores. The good news is that these 12 songs have not dated one bit and if anything have matured into minor pop classics. For example, their tale of getting caught in a barn fornicating, ‘Hayloft’ with its rousing chorus of “My daddy’s got a gun” is one of those rare tunes that on first listen you know it backwards and yet come the tenth or twentieth spin you enjoy listening to it as much as you did the first time. Sometimes this merry vibe tends to feel a tad overwrought. ‘Wisdom’ appears to have the big chorus literally pasted into the middle of it to market the song for mass appeal when it doesn’t really need to be. But this one niggle does not a bad album make. It’s not all rousing pop with huge choruses though; ‘Sleep Awake’ is a soft ballad reminding me of Veruca Salt at their gentlest probably because of Molly Guldemond’s dreamy vocal and ‘Burning Pile’ takes the template sewn by Aracde Fire and adds depth to the otherwise party feel of the record. These two tracks show there is more to them than the flashy bang of ‘Hayloft’ and with any luck it is these areas that the group will explore more on their new album that if my sources are correct the band are already on their way to completing.

Track Listing:-
1 O My Heart
2 Burning Pile
3 Body Of Years
4 Try To Change
5 Wisdom
6 Body
7 Ghosting
8 Hay Loft
9 Wrecking Ball
10 Arms Tonite
11 Miles
12 Sleep Awake

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