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808 State - 808:90

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 8 / 6 / 2010

808 State - 808:90
Label: ZTT/Salvo
Format: CD


Monotonous twentieth anniversary double CD remastering of Manchester-basedAcid House act 808 State's album, 'Ninety'

Manchester band 808 State have with their fellow ZTT act Frankie Goes to Hollywood recently received the remastering treatment. By the time 808 State first appeared on the scene in 1989, Manchester was a very different city to that which had produced the Fall, the Buzzcocks, Joy Division, the Smiths and the Chameleons at the end of the 1970s and beginning of the 1980s. Acid House and the rave scene which had at first been an underground movement had recently gone big time, and 808 State, a band that used electronic instruments, were the perfect soundtrack for that movement. 'Ninety', their second album but first for ZTT Records, has been remastered on two discs, the second of which is a CD of rarities. It is something which didn't impress me then and continues not to do so now. 'Magical Dream' opens it and, like much of it, consists of trippy beats and textures. Featuring a rare vocal, it is something that could only come out of Manchester, although one can hear the influence of the house music of Chicago. 'Ancodia' is much more house-based and again has big trancy beats and rhythms to dance to. It has the pace of the disco track, 'Stop the Music'. 'Cobra, Bora' is almost too fast for its own good. It is easy to see why Acid House fans loved this band. They were like an early 90's English version of Kraftwerk. 'Pacific 202' has more of an exotic feel and would be a dance anthem at any time of the year. 'Donkey Doctor' is a lot more funky with its waves of keyboard-based beats. '808080808' is an all-out rave anthem and has a groove to die for. 'Sunrise' has similar grooves to that which Bjork used on her first album, 'Debut'. 'The Fat Shadow(Pointy Head Mix)' is a short instrumental, more of an oddity really. '90' has its moments, but is best suited to clubs and raves and otherwise soon quickly becomes monotonous and routine

Track Listing:-
1 Pacific 202
2 Boneyween
3 Ancodia
4 Kinky National
5 Cobra Bora
6 Cübik
7 Magical Dream
8 808080808
9 Revenge Of The Girlie Men
10 Donkey Doctor
11 Sunrise
12 State To State

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