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The Chap - Well Done Europe

  by Paul Waller

published: 6 / 6 / 2010

The Chap - Well Done Europe
Label: Lo Recordings
Format: CD


Disjointed and flawed second album from potentially promising London/Berlin-based electronic act, the Chap

London and Berlin based-band the Chap are now attempting to make the leap from cutting edge underground electronica could be’s to the major leagues. Yet I can not see them joining the likes of LCD Soundsystem just yet. I was hoping that 'Well Done Europe' might have carried a similar flair to that of Telepathe’s recent 'Mother Mother' LP which shows how a band doesn’t have to reinvent the wheel every time they release something new to inspire and gain a fanbase. There has to be a solid and cohesive flow to an album when dealing with electronica or the resulting album will just fall flat. Unfortunately where the New York based Telepathe succeeded this time round the Chap has failed. Previous album 'Mega Breakfast' found the Chap firing on all burners and to me it looked like it was set up for them to explode with this record. There are two tracks here that fulfil their initial promise. 'We Work in Bars' is truly exceptional. It’s a track where the floaty killer hook lodges itself in your brain without ever getting annoying but 'Well Done You' is my personal favourite. I swear it’s a cover version and that I have heard it before but after many Google searches I still can’t find any evidence of this. The best way to describe it would be to say imagine if the Futureheas went electro and were experimenting with too much LSD. It’s as good as this album gets. Elsewhere 'Chalet, Chalet' is a minor success; it’s a very gentle electro-pop. Here the Chap come across as a lightweight Stereolab and whilst there is nothing wrong with that it makes for a disjointed listen. With songs such as 'Obviously' and 'Pain Fan' simply drifting by and knowing they can produce the goods when they apply themselves 'Well Done Europe' has the distinct feel of a rushed effort, yet the band had two years to get it together. It’s a shame because when they get it right. They really get it get it spot on.

Track Listing:-
1 We'll See To Your Breakdown
2 Even Your Friend
3 We Work In Bars
4 Obviously
5 Gimme Legs
6 Well Done You
7 Nevertheless, The Chap
8 Pain Fan
9 Torpor
10 Maroccan Nights
11 Few Horoscope
12 Chalet Chalet
13 Unusual But Nice

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