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Stained Glass Heroes - Big Guns at Dawn

  by Paul Waller

published: 9 / 5 / 2010

Stained Glass Heroes - Big Guns at Dawn
Label: Fred Recordings
Format: CD


Anthemic and catchy alt. pop on debut album from London-based band, Stained Glass Heroes

This is one fully developed debut album. London’s Stained Glass Heroes, on the evidence provided here deserve to break through and be huge. There are three massive tunes on here that could easily see them become household names. All they need is the right support slot or prime time DJ to play them and with a hasty re-release of debut single 'Insects' they could dominate the charts for months. Current single 'Circumstance' is equally as strong. It has to contain the catchiest chorus I’ve heard so far this year and it doesn’t even contain any words, just a killer riff that the likes of the Libertines would hand over their last crack pipe for. Imagine if you can the Kaiser Chiefs’ hooks, add a little of the eccentricity of Talking Heads and a huge dollop of the stuff from the late, great Hefner and you can get an idea of where Stained Glass Heroes are coming from. 'Realise You’re Mine' is another potential smash. It bounces along with a thrusting forward momentum until the chorus clocks in with a hook huge enough to catch a whale. It’s not all alt-pop perfection though. 'Esperar' is overly quirky with its stuttering rhythm and somewhat flaccid chorus and 'Save the Universe' is far too straight compared to the rest of the record. But these are small niggles, the band have found themselves on the ultra hip Fred label (along with Gallon Drunk) and they dress slick as hell. Rven Fred Perry are championing them so there is no mistaking this band for anything other than a serious proposition but I thought that of Hefner as well until they imploded. Stained Glass Heroes have the potential to spark off a new wave of British pop and I’d much rather them denting the charts than the likes of the weak blooded Scouting For Girls, that’s for sure. Fingers Crossed.

Track Listing:-
1 Big Guns At Dawn
2 Insects
3 Circumstance
4 Esperar
5 Blue Dress
6 Realise You're Mine
7 Turkish Wedding
8 Silent Guns
9 Factory Gates
10 Dulled Equations
11 Save The Universe
12 From The Start
13 After The Crisis

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