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Dreadzone - Eye On The Horizon

  by Spencer Robertshaw

published: 7 / 4 / 2010

Dreadzone - Eye On The Horizon
Label: Dubwiser
Format: CD


Fantastic and unique combination of guitar rock, ska and techno on sixth studio album from Dreadzone

'Eye on the Horizon' is a great record. It is a work of real quality upon which each track is individual and unique in its sound. Samples from films such as ‘The Long Good Friday' are cleverly mixed into dreamy soundscapes with real subtlety. There is definitely something for everyone with a love of music and not a bad or skittish track on this release. This sixth studio album has had people waiting five years to see if Dreadzone can keep up their good work of their previous records and follows on from such well-received albums as 'Second Light', 'Biological Radio'(1997) and their last album, 'Once Upon a Time'(2005). It seems, however, that they can only produce good work. It’s a welcome return of the mighty defenders of the bass!. There are both pop-ish and non pop-ish tracks and elemtents of guitar rock, ska and techno as well as great vocals from MC Spee. I would keep this album in the car it is so varied. It will keep you awake if you get stuck in a traffic jam and also happy and mellow enough to stop any road rage.

Track Listing:-
1 Tomorrow Never Comes
2 For A Reason
3 Changes
4 American Dread
5 Beyond A Rock
6 Gangster
7 Yeah Man
8 My Face
9 Walk Tall
10 Just Let Go
11 Wake Up Call

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