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Kah - More Than Dawn

  by Jamie Rowland

published: 6 / 3 / 2010

Kah - More Than Dawn
Label: Joy Lane Music
Format: CD


Intimate and subtle bedroom electronica on debut album from promising Chatham-based musician and singer-songwriter Kah

Even with all the advances in home-recording technology, there’s no mistaking the sound of a bedroom album. Whether they’re put onto laptops or 4-tracks – and no matter how much polish you put on them with digital editing software – you can’t shake off that hand-crafted, home-brewed quality to the songs. And why would you want to? There’s something much more intimate and charming about the sound of a home-recorded album than something pumped out by a major label; the imperfections like knots on an old wooden table, adding to its value. Kah’s debut album is just such a bedroom recording. There’s a range of influences at work here; at times channelling the mid-90s ‘Bristol sound’, while for some songs there’s a clear 80’s electro feel. And if that has you breaking out in cold sweats as you picture a new La Roux, fear not; Kah has bags more subtlety than that. This is music that wears its influences on its sleeve, but it’s not a carbon copy, nor an inferior re-hashing of old ideas. One could argue that Kah’s vocals lack a little oomph, and it is a fair criticism. On the occasions when she does push her voice that little bit extra, it really pays off, and you wish she would let that power out more often. That aside however, this is a strong debut with some really great moments, and evidence that Kah is an artist to watch in the future.

Track Listing:-
1 Wanting To Be Haunted
2 Fugitive
3 Kite
4 Back Seat Driver
5 Goose Girl
6 Dragonfly Boy
7 July Song
8 Big City Miracle
9 November Song
10 Architect
11 Sweet Jeremiah

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July Song (2010)
Infectious second single from her 'More Than Dawn' debut album for Chatham-based bedroom electronic artist, Kah

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