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Spin 1ne 2wo - Spin 1ne 2wo

  by Fiona Hutchings

published: 16 / 2 / 2010

Spin 1ne 2wo - Spin 1ne 2wo
Label: Misplaced Records
Format: CD


Superb collection of covers originally released in 1993 from rock veterans, Paul Carrack, Tony Levin, Rupert Hine and Phil Palmer, collaborating together on one-off project.

These four elder statesmen of rock bring with them the combined experience of playing with artists as diverse as Tina Turner, John Lennon and Dire Straights. Having earned their stripes, the pay off is albums like this. 'Spin 1ne 2wo' is billed as the quartet "letting off steam and having fun" on this album that was originally released in 1993 with some seminal rock classics on from 'All Along The Watchtower' to 'Reelin' In The Years'. So was the result, a self indulgent jammin' session best consigned to the draw marked ego trip or a light hearted but tight, competent showcase? Opener 'All along The Watchtower' tears along at a fair pace. but it is an iconic track so any cover can only pay homage and there is no danger of Hendrix's crown being stolen here. That said the intro to 'White Room' invokes more majesty than Cream's original and the funked up drum pattern add a very subtle but new element and Carrack's vocal style is much better suited to the track. My main reference for the song 'You Keep Me Hanging On' is Kim Wilde so I wasn't sure quite how this one would translate. Strip away the 80's bubble gum pop and you are left with a heart rending lyric over anguished guitars and dirty bass. It transforms from a teenage break up anthem to something all together more mature. I think it's been scientifically proved that 'Feel Like Making Love' is a track of such epic proportions that it is impossible to ruin – a fact born out by this very satisfying version. But the real jewel in the crown is 'Who Are You?' There is a distinct Mikea nd the Mechanics feel to the opening and that really shouldn't work but does. Roger Daltrey's gravel and growl are replaced with Carrack's effortless cool. The skull cap wearing smoothy is as far removed from dirty jeans and bear chests as its possible to get. Combined with added piano, less emphasis on just the guitar riff which gives all the contributors more chance to shine and the odd disembodied electric voice reminiscent of ZZ Top – it is not so much a cover, but it is a reworking. But it is the same smoothness that fails to work on the final track, 'Kashmir'. Led Zeppelin's original was a towering, foot stomping epic and this doesn't come close. All in all a record to be savoured. I am glad Carrack and co had the good grace to share this effort with us rather than keep it to themselves.

Track Listing:-
1 All Along The Watchtower
2 Can't Find My Way Home
3 Angel
4 White Room
5 Reason To Believe
6 You Keep Me Hanging On
7 Black Dog
8 On The Road Again
9 Feel Like Makin' Love
10 Reeling In The Years
11 Who Are You
12 Kashmir

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