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Head Of Light Entertainment - I Am Liberated

  by Tommy Gunnarsson

published: 29 / 1 / 2010

Head Of Light Entertainment - I Am Liberated
Label: Northern Round Square Records
Format: CD


Cynical and intelligent lo-fi melodic pop from Head of Light Entertainment, the project of Carl Green, the former front man with 80's indie act Whirlpool Guest House

Last year, I interviewed Carl Green for Pennyblackmusic, regarding the release of his former 80's band Whirlpool Guest House's compilation CD, 'Rough Digs' on Summerhouse Records. Now he’s back with his first solo album. I have understood that his cartoon indiepop band the Close Ups are quite famous in the UK, but as a Swede, I have never heard of them, so for me Carl will always be Mr Whirlpool Guest House, whether he likes it or not. But comparing Head of Light Entertainment (as Carl Green calls himself here) to his old 80’s band won’t get you far, as the only thing that remains is Carl’s voice. On 'I am Liberated', most songs are focused on his voice and a guitar, with some keyboards and drums dropping by occasionally. The second track, 'I Cannot Speak Japanese', echoes Love’s fantastic 'The Red Telephone in its intro, and from that second on I was hooked. Carl has managed to create a good album, with very good melodies and equally strong and humorous lyrics. The closing track, 'Ghastly', is a great big kick in the groin for the modern UK, with “property developers who look like Rick Astley” (with Green being the second lyricist ever to rhyme “ghastly” with “Astley”, as Nick Lowe did just that on 'All Men are Liars' back in 1990). If you like your lyrics somewhat cynical and intelligent and funny, this is the place to be! And if you are a fan of great melodies too, you have struck gold!

Track Listing:-
1 Only Chase What You Can Catch
2 I Cannot Speak Japanese
3 Lady Godiva's Horse
4 I Am Liberated
5 Audacious Audacity
6 Swan Around
7 Poor Agynes
8 We Share the World With Monsters
9 The Don't Care Home
10 The Face of A Girl
11 Ghastly

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