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Moonshot - No Sign of Morning

  by Fiona Hutchings

published: 27 / 1 / 2010

Moonshot - No Sign of Morning
Label: EML Recordings
Format: CD


Wide-ranging, but unfortunately forgettable latest album from London-based electronic act and trip hoppers Moonshot

Electronic/trip hoppers Moonshot have been described as “the musical equivalent of a Polaroid camera issuing a music photograph of the world today.” The trouble with polaroids is no matter how much they capture they fade out over time and in an age of digital photography have been rendered obsolete. It’s not that I dislike this album exactly. The breadth of the subject matter covered alone is impressive. We go from self confidence to the idiosyncrasy of the English via 'The Restraint of Mary Ann Nichols' – an interesting little ditty written from the perspective of Jack the Rippers last victim. The trouble is that meaningful or witty lyric are lost because the delivery is so deadpan and the musical vibe so laidback it is hypnotic in its repetition. 'Point of Focus' and 'This is England' save the album from inertia. Both soulful and engaging, the notes soars and feel like an oasis of texture in a in a comfortable but smooth landscape. Overall it is restful but sadly, ultimately, forgettable.

Track Listing:-
1 No Sign Of Morning
2 Gifted
3 Black Box
4 Who Turned The Lights Out?
5 Purple Lipstick Mark
6 Midnight In Dover
7 Point Of Focus
8 The Restraint Of Mary Ann Nichols
9 This Is England
10 Rollercoaster

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