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Position Normal - Position Normal

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 27 / 1 / 2010

Position Normal - Position Normal
Label: Rum Records
Format: CD


Uninspiring avant-garde ramblings on eponymously-titled first album in a decade from experimental South London-based act, Position Normal

Recordings originally intended for a pirate radioplay show built the parts of this rare Position Normal album. So you get elements of quintessentially English speak melting with quintessentially clumsy English dance music. Every so often in these digital days, a lack of talent as a musician can be disguised. Position Normal are rather good at this. This eponymous album features no original content. Any quality can be found in the edit. It compiles quirky and jolly snappings that put you on the wrong foot and then steps you on the toe with tedious lounge exotica. The formula wears out rather quickly. Think of this as John Steed of 'The Avengers 'introducing Massive Attack demo recordings and assorted sounds. Not a very good show, old chap! Granted, this is an atmospheric excursion into weirdo-tronica. Didn't you have anything of your own, though? Oh, wait. There is some but not enough ..

Track Listing:-
1 New Biz
2 Fart In A Bottle
3 Got To Be Good
4 Bad Tempered Eyes
5 The Squiggleman
6 Woof
7 Grundigs
8 Music
9 Realistique
10 I've Been Alvin
11 Take Them Upstairs
12 Mile End Boulevard
13 Jobsworth
14 Some Explaining
15 Cricket
16 Motor Show
17 Fanfukintastic
18 One And Only
19 Shiny Shews
20 Garj Du MOr
21 Kaidan Wig Out

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