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Nephu Huzzband - Elementary

  by Adrian Huggins

published: 24 / 10 / 2009

Nephu Huzzband - Elementary
Label: Deep Recording Co
Format: CD


Fantastic debut album from boundary-pushing hardcore act, Nephu Huzzband, who seem destined for a very bright future

In their fairly short time together as a band, Nephu Huzzband have enjoyed some fantastic exposure from the very credible likes of Huw Stephens, Gideon Coe, Liz Kershaw and Tom Robinson amongst others, all on the back of their debut EP 'Papers'. With ‘Elementary’. their debut album, they live up to this with their heavy mix of screamo vocals and post punk sound. Intense and ferocious from the offset, Nephu Huzzband are a cut above the usual angry screaming that normally comes with this sort of music. They sound slightly similar to a more hardcore version of Thursday, tearing into form with ‘The Finger that Points’ and then continue with this journey with the fantastic ‘It’s Only Ordinary’. ‘Nurse! Nurse!’ gives the album a really fresh almost dancey twist. They sound like a really intense Klaxons mixed with a bit of Dartz and the Rapture. Wth this track it is clear to see what their champions were so excited about. Nephu Huzzband really sound like a band that aren’t afraid to mix it up a bit and are certainly not limited by any genre restraints or requirements. ‘I are Renaissance’ is a really driving song that builds up to a shouted chorus before breaking back down to where you’d least expect. Rumbling drums spin you back round again making you practically dizzy trying to keep up with their varying directions. ‘…And We Became Picasso Pieces’ is more of an epic and grandiose affair, which does take a while to get into and wasn’t as instant as some of the other moments on the album. I would imagine live, however, that it would be a fantastic spectacle. Something similar could be said about the album's closer ‘If You Thought that Broke Your Spirit, You’re Not Going to Like What’s Coming Next..’, which granted is a stupidly long title, but you know what I kind of like it. Nephu Huzzband are a band that have a real quality and something special about them. They pull off what many other bands can't quite manage and push the boundaries as far as they can without becoming boring or self indulgent. I certainly see them having a very bright future.

Track Listing:-
1 The Finger That Points
2 It's Only Ordinary
3 Black & White
4 Almost Over
5 Nurse! Nurse!
6 Neptune & Triton
7 I Are Renaissance
8 ...And We Became Picasso Pieces
9 Papers
10 We Speak In Whispers
11 No, Not Ever
12 If You Thought That Broke Your Spirit, Your Not Going To Like What's Coming Next..

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