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Philippa Berry - Sooner or Later

  by Malcolm Carter

published: 7 / 10 / 2009

Philippa Berry - Sooner or Later
Label: Philippa Berry
Format: CDS


Superb six song debut release from enigmatic, but melancholic singer-songwriter, Philippa Berry

As we received no information whatsoever with this CD, we are unsure if Philippa Berry is seeing this collection of six songs as a mini-album or E.P. At the end of the day I guess it doesn’t really matter. What’s important is what Philippa has to say and how she says it during the 22 minutes it takes to listen to what must be her debut release. If Philippa’s plan was to release just these six songs to whet our appetite for any future songs she may have yet to record then it’s done the job. Again, due to lack of information, I’m uncertain where Philippa is based but she has one of those pure, crystal-clear English singing voices although on one of the songs, ‘Sparkling’, she sings of Edinburgh so maybe that’s a clue as to where she is based. The songs were recorded last October and have an autumnal feel to them. Taking ‘Sparkling’ as an example again it’s the type of song that even when listening to it in the middle of summer will conjure up visions of warm evenings round the fire while the leaves are falling from the trees outside. It’s that melancholy feeling that we all need at times that prevails throughout these songs. The six songs were all composed by Philippa and, while lyrically she has the ability to transport you into her world and her melodies are immediate and pretty, it’s really that voice that sets Philippa apart from most of her contemporaries. While there is nothing radically unusual about her vocals which make you immediately take notice, Philippa relies on her natural, clear voice which, unadorned with any studio trickery, is a pleasant and refreshing change these days. ‘You Make My Day’ is the best example here of how just an acoustic guitar (played as far as I can tell by Philippa) and a voice, when it is as clear and pure as Philippa’s, can hold your attention for the duration. A simple love song, a guitar and that voice and you’re spellbound by the sound coming from the stereo for just under three minutes. Philippa proves that you don’t have to adorn the songs with all manner of instruments and sound effects to make her songs sound good, her melodies shine and really she has one of the best voices we have heard coming from this country for many a year. If I have any complaints about this small collection of songs it’s just that. It is too short. When the last notes of the closing song, ‘Real’ have faded, all there is to do is hit the return button again. There is nothing during the 22 minutes of music on this collection of songs that shouldn’t be there. There is not a second that is wasted or a song where you want to skip to the next track. In a world that is getting increasingly more stressful by the day we should be thankful that artists still exist that can stop us in our tracks and force us, just by the quiet power and beauty in their voice, to enter their world and forget ours just for a while. Just 22 minutes is all it will take for you to fall in love with the voice of an artist who is surely destined for a bright future. More please, Philippa.

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