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Arthur and Martha - Navigation

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 13 / 9 / 2009

Arthur and Martha - Navigation
Label: Happy Robots
Format: CD


Disposable, but gorgeous and surprisingly effective dream pop on debut album from indie pop duo, Arthur and Martha

Named after a snackbar in the 'Little Britain' series, this duo have kept a low profile . Whow ould have thought that their formula works given their limitations? Do not mistake Arthur and Martha for some kind of gimmickery. Not to be compared with Cuban Boys spin-off Spray, Arthur and Martha do, however tread similar paths and manage to fill an entire album's worth of disposable synth-pop. Arthur and Martha's autobahnpop is a thing of beauty. One would never have expected after their lovely debut EP, 'Autovia', that their formula would last. Covering the entire ' Navigation' album the dreamy pop ethics wotk all the way. Riding on great 'Autovia' rhythms, their album works even to great effect even when not on a motorway. The theme is bubblegum escapism and the level hangs in between M1 and A1 level. For those who missed their earlier EP, the standout tracks are all included on this debut and little goes wrong on this neat debut from these asphalt pranksters. Gorgeous and innocent fun for all the family!

Track Listing:-
1 Autovia
2 Music For Hair Products
3 Kasparov
4 Vallorian
5 Navigation
6 Follow The Path
7 Memory
8 This City Life
9 Squarewave To Heaven
10 Turn To Dust

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Autovia (2008)
Bouncy bubblegum pop on debut vinyl single from electro duo Arthur and Martha

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