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Ido Tavori - Rhythm is a Beggar

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 12 / 9 / 2009

Ido Tavori - Rhythm is a Beggar
Label: Love Poem
Format: CD


Inconsequential debut album from Israeli-born musician Ido Tavori, which for all its versatility is not able to conceal its lack of quality or orginality

Oddball indie dance anyone? The strength of 'Rhythm Is A Beggar' lies in the variety yet not in the overall quality. Hop, skip and jumping through styles is a convenient way to cover up a lack of quality in songwriting and Ivo does just that. One moment you will hear gritty beakbeat pop and the next buzzing electronica breaking in into your own comfy listening zone. 'Rhythm Is A Beggar' sums up expermental escapades from years ago and in a sense this builds on the best of 2003 without adding any new flavour. Once again this is another album that avoids all challenges by tossing up a grand mixture of styles without any sense of refinement. Given today's standard of technology, it is not hard to produce an album that sounds fine. What independent record labels have yet to learn though is that a lack of originality will become apparent.

Track Listing:-
1 wasteland
2 lost friends
3 born to love you
4 haunted tophats
5 five
6 simian
7 ascension
8 portion
9 bali cosmopolitan

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