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Hudson Fall - The Factory EP

  by Lisa Torem

published: 6 / 6 / 2009

Hudson Fall - The Factory EP
Label: Hudson Fall
Format: CDS


Outstanding debut single from Liverpudlian band Hudson Fall that embraces the backbeat and psychedelia of the ‘60s, Americana and pop

“I walk alone in this psychedelic factory. I feel like a stranger in my own home,” begins this narrative, pop-rock tour-de-force. Four Liverpudlian lads, together for the last three years, Hudson Fall have been given the thumbs- up by another (knighted) Liverpudlian lad in honour of their excellent slide- guitar skills. Hudson Fall have drawn from the Incredible String Band, Magazine and Roy Orbison for a sound that embraces the backbeat and psychedelia of the'60s, Americana and pop. A gripping ostinato opens and shuts the single, 'The Factory' which silhouettes strains of country-fried Buck Owen type riffs and George Harrison accoutrements. This guitar-inflected background – unforgiving in its intensity – spirals forward with inter-galactic verocity embued by sometimes screeching guitar which juxtaposes refreshing vocals – solo and then alongside lush, mouth-watering harmonies. But before you’re completely hooked, this jihad melts into a crunchy crescendo. “Don’t miss this opportunity, your homeland in the fields, a chance for a magic turnaround will reveal,” the narrative continues from singer, Jamie Wright. Like fragrant poppies from Flanders Fields, 'The Factory' fully envelops your senses while hinting at one hell of a day tripper’s fantasy. You’ll experience episodic glimpses of past Beatles albums, such as 'Magical Mystery Tour', 'The White Album' and 'Abbey Road'. But, be forewarned, they are not a '60s tribute band. Their sound - though rooted in nostalgia – remains passionately their own. “Don’t hope to leave a legacy and you’ll be fine, and when the millions call and children cry,” the story further unfolds. The catchy melody is like a crusty flambe – thick as a brick on the outside, dreamy inside. It is astonishing that such full-bodied flavouring can be packed into a solitary musical moment. I honestly can’t wait to hear more from Hudson Fall. With sharply-divined lyrics, thunderous instrumentals and heavenly vocals, this single is a contender for a host of other hits.

Track Listing:-
1 The Factory

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