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Metric - Fantasies

  by Jamie Rowland

published: 25 / 4 / 2009

Metric - Fantasies
Label: Last Gang Records
Format: CD


Stunning first album in three years from Canadian new wave/indie rockers Metric which proves to have been very much worth the long wait

It’s been three long, long years since Metric’s last album, the frankly brilliant 'Live It Out', and fans of the band will no doubt, like myself, have been frantically jiggling in their seats with anticipation since the announcement that their fourth record, 'Fantasies', had been completed. And finally, at long last, it has arrived. And it was well worth the wait. Now, I will be the first to admit that I’m a little susceptible to bouts of over-excitement and uncontrollable exclamations of “BEST ALBUM EVER!!!”, but this time I have stepped back, taken some long, deep breaths, and got all that out of my system. So let me promise you that 'Fantasies' really does live up to the hype (that I’m giving it). If there is a band out there who has a song more likely than ‘Sick Muse’ to get you bouncing like an over-stimulated puppy on springs, then I want to hear from them, because it truly is an absolute stonker of a should-be-massive-hit. One of the things I really love about Metric is their ability to create albums in which the songs are both very much ‘of’ that particular record, but at same time are unmistakeably Metric. 'Fantasies' is an album all of its own, but fans of the band will find much that they will recognise and enjoy. And if for some awful reason, you’re not already a fan, check out any of the following tracks: the laid-back electro-lite of ‘Twilight Galaxy’, the pop masterpiece that is ‘Gimme Sympathy’, the moody head-nodders’ favourite ‘Front Row’, and the slow-building, brilliant and incredibly satisfying ‘Blindness’. These are my personal favourites from a stellar selection, and I’m sure you’ll soon be hooked. Oh, and by the way, ‘Stadium Love’ may well be one of the most rockinest, balls-out, cataclysmically phenomenal album closers ever written. I’m totally out of breath at this point. Where’s the Ritalin?

Track Listing:-
1 Help I'm Alive
2 Sick Muse
3 Satellite Mind
4 Twilight Galaxy
5 Gold Guns Girls
6 Gimme Sympathy
7 Collect Call
8 Front Row
9 Blindness
10 Stadium Love

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