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Penelope Sulla Luna - My Little Empire

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 20 / 1 / 2009

Penelope Sulla Luna - My Little Empire
Label: Nagual
Format: CD


Surprisingly frivolous-sounding post rock on enjoyable debut album from Italian group, Penelope Sulla Luna

Penelope Sulla Luna from Modugno, Lombardia, Italy bring a frivolous perspective to the instrumental genre known as 'post-rock'. No opera, no pasta, not even noodlings as 'My Little Empire' leans more on joie-de-vivre than common belief usually holds possible for the genre. The album sleeve looks way too psychedelic for its own good too. These eight tracks were built in linear manner, like Roman roads, but equally lead through gardens of delight. Wizzing around your ears with touches of loud, melodic extravaganza and with much less lines of explanation, Penelope On The Moon (to give them their English translation) sum up the greatest Mogwai and Tortoise hits, on one single album. Those bands stood at the threshhold of post-rock. Penelope Sulla Luna do not offer much that is new, yet the Italian fivesome elaborate on their ideas with genuine notes in place of sombre and urban drones. There is never a dull moment on 'My Little Empire' and it proves a very nice place to hang out.

Track Listing:-
1 Last Show On The Radio
2 Back To The Teenage
3 Space Donut
4 Butterfly Drama #1
5 Third Brain Drain
6 Butterfly Drama #2
7 Big Whoop
8 Melodia (Per Teste Rotte Sugli Scogli)
9 Fortunadrago
10 [silence]
11 Teenage Is Coming And We're Drunk

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