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Je Suis Animal - Self Taught Music From a Book

  by Adrian Huggins

published: 12 / 12 / 2008

Je Suis Animal - Self Taught Music From a Book
Label: Angular Recording Corps
Format: CD


Timeless-sounding combination of 60's psychedelia and dream pop from Norwegian band Je Suis Animal, who create great music to get lost in

Timeless-sounding Norwegian band Je Suis Animal are set to make a name for themselves with their full length debut ‘Self Taught Magic From a Book’. With a nod both to 60’s psychedelia and the dreamy elements of their own country they have created a beautiful and accomplished album. It is a bright and carefree sound that is instantly uplifting. Their mix of delicate and feminine vocals set against driving drums creates a great sound that makes you take notice and enter into their world, rather than have them just disappear into the background. ‘Hotel Electrique’ is the best example of this, with intense drums flowing throughout against their building vocals. They come from an indie background and, while this is obvious, the vocal talents or Elin Grimstad and Marete Hald set themselves far apart from your run-of-the-mill average band. Their harmonies take the songs to another place and give the album a wistful edge. This rings especially true on songs, such as ‘Secret Place’ and ‘Start the Night’ the latter of which ventures into the more experimental side of things, and, laden with various percussive noises, is reminiscent of a stripped down version of Bjork's music. An excellent album to get lost in.

Track Listing:-
1 Secret Place
2 The Mystery Of Marie Roget
3 Beginning Of Time
4 Indifferent Boy
5 Rousseau World
6 Hotel Electrique
7 Indoors Of Outdoors
8 Good To Me
9 It's Love
10 Amundsen
11 Fortune Map
12 Across The Line
13 Sparkle Spit

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