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Fuzztones - Horny as Hell

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 25 / 11 / 2008

Fuzztones - Horny as Hell
Label: Electrique Mud
Format: CD


Excellent combination of new songs and reworking of old tracks on possibly last album from long-serving garage-based rockers, the Fuzztones

God bless the Fuzztones ! I love this band. If I remember correctly, they were one of the first few bands ever back, around 1984, that I taped a John Peel session of. The New York-based garage band have been through various line ups since then, but have only toured the UK rarely during all the time that I have supported them. 'Horny as Hell' is their latest and, if rumours are correct, their last ever album. As well as featuring some new songs, it also revisits lots of old songs and gives them a new lease of life. It is being released both as a 12 track LP and even better still a 17 track CD. It opens with 'Garden of the Mind', which sounds like a 1960's 'Batman-style theme tune. Rudi Protudi's vocals sound as fresh as the young Jim Morrison on the Doors' self-titled debut album. 'Bad News Travels Fast' is an oldie. It is not as good as the original, but still better than most music out there. Here it sounds like Primal Scream doing a 60's cover, but not as good, before Jimi Hendrix comes in and takes over from them. It is still, however, much better then most music out there. 'Brand New Man' sounds more old school, more psychedelic and and very dark. It also features some decent brass which the Fuzztones have recently added to their sound and that gives them something of appeal of the Plastic Ono Band. 'Girl, You Captivate Me' again sounds like Primal Scream doing a cover of decent rock 'n' roll and this time has a heavy hint of the Kinks. 'Third Time's the Charm', another old number, is organ heavy, and comes over like latter period the Doors.'Be Forewarned' is very mid 60's in sound with a decent progression. The brass adds a flavour of Mexico and there is also a hint of Jimi Hendrix at his most way out. The next two tracks are old songs too. 'Cheyenne Rider' is fairly laid back in tone, and has a massive brass and heavy Hendrix guitar sound. '99th Floor' recalls the Doors until Jimi once more comes along. 'Alexander' is a Pretty Things cover and comes over like a lost golden nugget, while 'Black Lighting Light' sounds like the Experience with a full band sound. 'The End I Never Knew,' which was released originally as a single on Beggar's Banquet, is organ based and sizzles with sex. 'Yeah, Babe', another Fuzzies classic, is completely reworked as a garage soul number. 'Highway 69',a reworking from their debut album 'Lysergic Emanations', is very psychedelic and wild. 'Johnson in a Headlock' has three part female backing , which adds more colour to their sound, while 'Ward 81', another reworking from the first LP, sounds like a lost 1960's Bond theme. 'Blood from a Stone' is brass and guitar heavy, while 'She's Wicked', which closes the album and is another reworking, finds the bands doing what they do best and is another cool garage number guaranteed to fill the dance floor. A great album !

Track Listing:-
1 Garden Of My Mind
2 Bad News Travels Fast
3 Brand New Man
4 I Never Knew
5 Girl, You Captivate Me
6 Black Lighning Light
7 Ward 81
8 Blood From A Stone
9 Highway 69
10 Alexander
11 Yeah Babe
12 She's Wicked

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