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Future Pilot AKA/Concerto Caledonia - Split Single

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 8 / 10 / 2008

Future Pilot AKA/Concerto Caledonia - Split Single
Label: Aufgeladen und Bereit
Format: 7"


Superb set of covers of songs by Daniel Johnston and the Buzzcocks on vinyl only from Scottish acts Future Pilot AKA and Concerto Caledonia, and upon which Kim Fowley also makes a guest appearance

I used the Kim Fowley moniker on a webforum once. So I was most happy that a single to feature Kim Fowley is due out soon. He's American, and I'm Dutch which ought to explain the slightly incomprehensive nature of my contribution. Oddly enough, Kim Fowley is given the chance to tell a little about himself throughout this dubby cover of Daniel Johnston's 'Devil Town' as I'm not entirely sure whether the lyrics have remained the same. The thought of one senior outsider reading the words from a younger outsider is great. Future AKA's production sits halfway the period that separates Kim Fowley and Daniel Johnston. Brand new is the Concerto Caledonia takeover on the B-Side. Johnston's demo of 'Walking The Cow' is recorded as an immaculate arrangement that joins in in real time. Obviously an anachronism and well-done, this is a backing track polishing up the crap sound of the demo. The Buzzcocks' 'Boredom' undergoes complete refurbishments. The original guitar lick that sounded like an alarm, now is a flute and the strong voice of Lisa Milne gives it a completely different touch, which is what a good cover version should be about. On bloody red vinyl this time.

Track Listing:-
1 Future Pilot AKA- Devil Town
2 Concerto Caledonia with Daniel Johnston- Walking The Cow
3 Concerto Caledonia with Lisa Milne- Boredom

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