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{Satellite-State} - {Satellite-State}

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 9 / 8 / 2008

{Satellite-State}  - {Satellite-State}
Label: IRL Recordings
Format: CDS


Debut single from new Guildford-based group {Satellite-State}, who look like a band set to take on Travis, Coldplay and the Verve and maybe even win

This is the self-titled debut EP from Guildford 5 piece, {Satellite-State}. ‘Plans’ opens the EP and is followed by ‘Sometimes/Always’,‘One Small Step’ and ‘Lights Out’. All of these songs are massive and very grown up in sound. {Satellite-State} combine top class well delivered pop with a laid back soft rock groove. A band to finally take on Travis,Coldplay and the Verve, and maybe even win.

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132 Posted By: Jon Sidwell, UK on 26 Aug 2008
This three-track demo kicks off with their former single ‘One Small Step’. It’s a slow but powerful track, instantly making the listener aware of the clearly talented and accomplished musicians that make up the band. You could easily imagine hearing this song on daytime radio, particularly with the harmonious vocals from frontman Gary Nicks. The second track is my favourite, and an indication of the capabilities of this band. ‘Clockworks’ is an enchanting, brooding song, which combines heavy drums and guitars with soft, haunting vocals. There are clear comparisons with Radiohead on this track, but also a hint towards The Pixies, with the loud/quiet combination that works so well. The final track is titled ‘Carry Your Own Weight’. This is a really powerful song with soft, heartfelt vocals. There are instant comparisons to Snow Patrol, particularly with the repetition of lyrics, piano, drum beats, and guitars. It’s a track that certainly gets stuck in your head; you’ll find yourself humming it at random intervals. This is a solid demo from a band who are clearly very talented musicians. I prefer the sound of ‘Clockworks’ to the other two more “radio-friendly” tracks, where I feel the band are challenging themselves more. But then that’s just me. The band will be releasing, and touring with, their debut EP in June. For fans of: Snow Patrol, Radiohead, The Pixies
130 Posted By: Filmsbynick, North Wales, UK on 24 Aug 2008
I first encountered this band while filming for a battle of the bands competition. As soon as they came on, within the first 30 seconds, I KNEW they were going to be good, REALLY good. Pretty soon after, I was approached by the band to make a music video out of the footage I had captured, I obliged, and in the process of making the video, I listened to their tacks over and over. IT was sheer bliss. This band000 is so well adjusted that they play at the EXACT same speed as in the studio recordings. This band is really under-rated, and deserve to have national coverage, they really deserve it, I can see them going far, REALLY far.

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