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Headlining are Johny Brown (Band of Holy Joy) With support from Hector Gannet And Andy Thompson
Hosted at the Water Rats London , Saturday 25th May, 2024. Doors open 7:30pm. First band on at 8:00pm; Admission £15 on the door or £12 in advance from We got Tickets
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Depth Affect - Hero Crisis

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 7 / 7 / 2008

Depth Affect - Hero Crisis
Label: Autres Directions
Format: CD


Intelligent econd album from France-based group Depth Affect, which with one leg firm in narrative hiphop and the other in melodic dance tracks, gradually grows and becomes increasingly more enthralling on its listener

Crisis? What Crisis? Though from Nantes in France, yet because of their steadygoing showcase of smart newbeat and continental freestyle grime, Depth Affect appear rather Belgian on their second album 'Hero Crisis'. Depth Affect have one leg firm in narrative hiphop and the other on melodic dance tracks. Until the snappy 'Girl's Maths' appears midway through, which adds Londonesque dubstep vibes from across the channel, 'Hero Crisis' does not not really set off any alarms. The red thread is calm composition, or clever inertia if you suffer from Francophobia, over an accomplished set of beats from all corners of the world of dance music, with extra mayonaise in the atmosphere. Tasty, if however a little fattening. One of the album's core tracks, 'Dorothea Land' ultimately evolves into a majestic mash-up of electronica, dubstep and melodic vocals with added tingling echoes. At this point you probably will turn back and explore 'Hero Crisis' for a second time. Very indicative of our time, 'Hero Crisis' sums up so many of the styles we label urban, dance or even intelligent dance music. Moreover ever so many serve a single goal; that of reaching euphoria. The album has no grand final touch and instead closes off with a nice bit of electronic chaos.

Track Listing:-
1 Junior International
2 Hero Crisis
3 Street Level
4 The Villain Stands
5 Radish Field
6 Girl’s Math
7 Dusty Records
8 Öyster Bunch
9 Cotton Candy
10 Dorothea Land
11 Tumble Tug
12 Base Camp Wolf

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