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Rory McVicar - Rory McVicar

  by Jamie Rowland

published: 29 / 1 / 2008

Rory McVicar - Rory McVicar
Label: Series 8
Format: CD


Versatile debut album from Nowrich-based singer-songwriter Rory McVicar, whose backing bandon this album include members of Magoo and Bearsuit

As far as I can recall, I first heard Rory McVicar some time in 2005 (was it that long ago!?) when a demo he sent to Huw Stephens on Radio 1 was played. The song was called ‘Little One’. On hearing the track, I immediately searched out his profile on MySpace (it was still the cool social web-space to be a part of at the time) and got a few MP3s, which I thoroughly enjoyed, and I’ve tried to collect all his official releases since. So it was with great anticipation that I opened the case to Rory’s self-titled debut and placed the CD in my hi-fi (it’s a nice hi-fi, you probably won’t care to know) – and I’m thrilled to say I wasn’t disappointed. Opening with the song which first introduced me to the man himself, ‘Little One’, the album moves from genteel folk ditties to Badly Drawn Boy-style pop; from Smiths-ian guitar-jangling to Jeff Buckley-esque balladry. McVicar’s voice sounds fantastic – he has a great vocal range – and the band he put together for the album compliment his song-writing beautifully (they include members of Magoo and Bearsuit, along with other stalwarts of the Norwich ‘scene’). My favourite tracks are the out-and-out pop tracks ‘At Yr Convenience’ and ‘No More Do I Care’, the ballads ‘Resentments’ and ‘One More Lullaby’ and the concluding track, ‘Goodbye to an Old Friend’ – although this list will no doubt change the next time I listen to the album. If there’s any justice in the world, Rory McVicar will become one of the UK’s prominent recording artists. Oh wait, Basshunter are number 1. Oh well, perhaps you’ll buy the album, anyway.

Track Listing:-
1 Little One
2 Now That You're Mine
3 Without Thinking
4 At Yr Convenience
5 One More Lullaby
6 Strange Relief
7 All Your Life
8 No More Do I Care
9 Resentments
10 Pretend Song
11 Goodbye To An Old Friend

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