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Chris T-T - This Gun is Not a Gun

  by Daniel Cressey

published: 8 / 12 / 2007

Chris T-T - This Gun is Not a Gun
Label: Xtra Mile
Format: CDS


Disappointing new EP from increasingly confused folk-rocker Chris TT

Another set of angry songs from Chris TT appear on his latest EP. Following on from the political hectoring of the '9 Red Songs', ‘The Gun is not a Gun’ is less overtly political but you don’t really even need to read between the lines to note he isn’t happy. Unfortunately as his targets get bigger and more vague his aim gets less assured and while this EP seems to be some kind of protest song cum manifesto it is increasingly unclear what he is going on about. Previously, his songs effectively tore strips off groups as diverse as Daily Mail readers, the Countryside Alliance and Tony Blair. Okay, those aren’t that diverse as groups go, but he did it well and entertainingly. Now though there are statements as amorphous as “humans destroy what humans make” on ‘This Gun Is Not A Gun’. His song writing subtlety also seems to get lost in these increasingly confused songs. On ‘In The Dressing Room’ he hits a groove again, relating doubts and tribulations over his musical career. It’s a necessary reminder that he is actually good, but Chris TT is in danger of becoming less interesting the more political he gets.

Track Listing:-
1 This Gun Is Not A Gun
2 The Day The Earth Stood Still Pt 1
3 In The Dressing Room
4 This Gun Is Not A Gun (Acoustic Demo)

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