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Aerial - The Sentinel

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 8 / 11 / 2007

Aerial - The Sentinel
Label: Tangled Up
Format: CD


Experimental post rock on second album from noisy Swedish five-piece Aerial

Aerial are a five piece post rock group from Sweden, ‘The Sentinel’ is their second album and is the follow up to ‘Black Rain from the Bombing’. It opens up with ‘Heads Gone’, which has an intro that sounds like a motorbike revving up, Singer Viktor’s gloomy vocals recall those of Dave Martin of iLiKETRAiNS, but as the song moves on they become more fragile in style and more like those of Mark Eitzel of the American Music Club. ‘My God, It's Full of Stars’ is the first single from the album and sounds like a continued version of the first track, but it is much louder and heavier, and more instrumental too with vocals only being added near the end of it. ‘46th Street’ is heavy and loud too and somewhat trippy, sounding like a harder iLiKETRAiNS. ‘Walk With Me’ has an intro that sounds like a horror film, until trippy guitars, drums and bass join in. It is totally instrumental, dark and experimental in sound. ‘You Will All Die All Things Will’ starts off sounding more upbeat and lightweight compared to the past tracks, but it soon becomes louder, and ends up sounding like an extended jam session. ‘Youth and Student Travel’ is short and quiet in sound, while ‘Dark Star Deleters’ is louder and perkier with very full-on guitars. ‘Secret Godess’ is jangly and slow to start, until it picks up pace and comes over sounding like a moody iLIKETRAiNS. ‘Spark Lit Stairs’ sounds like the previous track put through a delayer or an echo effect, until it fades back in on a completely different trip. ‘Welcome to Australia ‘ ends the album,and sounds like it's from a horror film, instrumental and very weird.

Track Listing:-
1 Heads Gone
2 My God It's Full Of Stars
3 46th Street
4 Walk With Me
5 You Will All Die, All Things Will
6 Youth And Student Travel
7 The Dark Star Deleters
8 Secret Godess
9 Spark-lit Stairs
10 Welcome To Australia

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