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Future Pilot AKA Vs. St Deluxe - Future Pilot AKA Vs. St Deluxe

  by Jamie Rowland

published: 8 / 10 / 2007

Future Pilot AKA Vs. St Deluxe - Future Pilot AKA Vs. St Deluxe
Label: Aufgeladen und Bereit
Format: 7"


Likeable vinyl split single featuring the mellow Future Pilot AKA and noise rockers St Deluxe, who remix each other's tracks

This 7” single starts out on side A with the Future Pilot AKA and Damo Suzuki track ‘Festival of Lights’, a mellow mix of layers of instruments, with a distorted vocals, some female harmonising and a little brass instrument thrown in for good measure. It’s thoroughly enjoyable listening, especially if you are reading a book, or doing something where you want to feel nice and relaxed. The second track is a remix by Future Pilot AKA of the St Deluxe original, ‘Crystals’, which is the first track on side B of the record. The remix sounds kind of like a mix between the first track and the third - a really catchy, rocking indie song in the vein of some of Sebadoh’s (more normal) noisey moments – which makes sense, I suppose. The final track is where St Deluxe have their turn remixing Future Pilot, and the result is ‘First Light’ – a remix of first track, ‘Festival of Lights’. It’s all very incestuous, isn’t it? Although again, it makes sense, I mean the record is called Future Pilot AKA vs. St Deluxe, so what else can you expect really? In any case, this final remix, I think, is actually a little better than the original, as it gives it a little more depth with its electrical bleepings and whirrings. All in all, this is a really good little single, with all four tracks having something a little different to offer. Well worth getting your wallet out for.

Track Listing:-
1 Future Pilot A.K.A. Vs Damo Suzuki- Festival Of Lights
2 Future Pilot A.K.A. Vs St Deluxe- Crystals (Future Pilot Aka Remix)
3 St Deluxe -Crystals
4 St Deluxe Vs Future Pilot A.K.A.- First Light (St Deluxe Remix)

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