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Pikko - Electric Body Design

  by Tommy Gunnarsson

published: 11 / 8 / 2007

Pikko - Electric Body Design
Label: Pikko
Format: CD


Debut album from Copenhagen-based electronic group named after front woman Pikko, which, despite some strong tunes, is ruined by her shrill vocals

Normally, you will find Pikko dancing like a maniac in Copenhagen (performing what is known as modern dance), but she also has a band named after herself together with Oskar Humlebo, where he writes the music and plays all the instruments and she provides the lyrics and the vocals. The music is best described as being influenced by the synthpop and electropop of the 80’s, with a lot of great melodies and sounds, but when it comes to the vocals… that’s where it all goes wrong. Pikko has a voice that’s not far from Kate Bush on the highest notes, a voice that might be a bit unusual at first, and after a few songs you wish that these songs were instrumental instead, which is a shame as the times are really good most of the time. I must admit that I always have a hard time coping with pretentious music, and reading on the band’s MySpace-site tells me that this is very much like that, blending the electronic music with modern dance. But I would love to hear Oskar working with another singer!

Track Listing:-
1 Murder In My Heart
2 Beat Heart
3 Itch Of A Bitch
4 Kill With A Dance
5 Damn Those Pretty Boys
6 Lieutenant Love
7 Bad Intentions
8 Keep Killing Me
9 Theme For A Funeral Birthday
10 Thief In The Night

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