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Beastie Boys - The Mix Up

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 25 / 7 / 2007

Beastie Boys - The Mix Up
Label: Capitol
Format: CD


Engaging new album from the Beastie Boys, which features no samples and is entirely instrumental

‘The Mix Up’ is very different for a Beastie Boys album as it features all new material with no samples and it is also all instrumental. It kicks off with ‘B for My Name’ which has a happy clappy funk vibe and some pre instrumental chat on the intro. It is fairly mid 70’s in its grooves. ‘14th St Break’ has a great groove, which is very late 60’s/early 70’s. The guitar work on it is reminiscent of that of the Doors guitarist Robby Kreiger, while the tune is very flower power. ‘Suco de Tanyerina’ is softer and much lighter and has a party flavour. ‘The Gala Event’ and ‘Electric Worn’ both have a trippy dub sound, but, while the former has a post rock sound, the latter is funky with a cool beat. ‘Freaky Hijiki’ is reminiscent of the Doors’ ‘Soft Parade ‘ with its gentle sound, while ‘Off the Grid’ is slow with its deep grooves. The guitar on ‘The Rat Cage’ has a post punk PIL sound, but the keyboards are once more very funky. ‘The Melee’ has more Doors style guitar and a huge chunk of meaty bass. ‘Dramatically Different’ has a Stevie Wonder sound but a flower power essence ‘The Cousin of Death,’ is very loud and has a sci fi element. It sounds something like ‘Wild Child’ by the Doors. ‘The Kangeroo Rat’ closes the album and is funky, rocky and has attitude.

Track Listing:-
1 B For My Name
2 14th St. Break
3 Suco De Tangerina
4 The Gala Event
5 Electric Worm
6 Freaky Hijiki
7 Off The Grid
8 The Rat Cage
9 The Melee
10 Dramastically Different
11 The Cousin Of Death
12 The Kangaroo Rat

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