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Glyn Bailey - Songs from the Old Illawalla

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 8 / 7 / 2007

Glyn Bailey - Songs from the Old Illawalla
Label: GlynB
Format: CD


Second album from Blackpool-based singer-songwriter Glyn Bailey which will appeal to fans of David Bowie and Scott Walker

'Songs from the Old Illawalla,' is Glyn Bailey's second album, which is an oddity as it doesn't fit in with today's music at all. It opens with 'Yahoo !', which finds Glyn somewhere between Lloyd Cole and the Travelling Wilburys and has a retro 60's/70's groove and classic rock feel. 'Moonwalkers' is reminiscent of David Bowie at his most cockney and in approximately 1972 at the time of 'Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars', when our Dave was at his most theatrical based in his presentation. 'Ghost' is played softly, and again recollects Bowie, but later, more at the time of 1977's 'Heroes'. 'Kafkaesque World'' is haunting in a southern Gothic way and sounds like a hymn. 'The Crow' has a party feel, salsa even, and is like Scott Walker doing Brel. The keyboards recall Ray Manzarek's from the the Doors. 'Glory' again recalls Bowie and features acoustic guitar and some charming female backing harmonies. 'Down amongst the Living' is more rock n roll. It has brass added and sounds somewhere between the Stones' 'Jumping Jack Flash' and the Stooges. 'The Clown' sounds very 1960's, like Bowie during his 'Laughing Gnome' period and is wordy in a Scott Walker way. 'Zizou's Big Day' features some pleasant strummed electric guitar, while 'The Doomed Ship Allegory' is reminiscent of Leonard Cohen and very doomy with lots of twee brass. 'Groomed' is like a jazzy version of the Cure's 'Love Cats', while 'School Reunion' is another big-sounding rock n roll number. It ends with 'The Ballad of Deano' which is a spoken word ballad before a final uncredited number quickly spills its tale in less then 60 seconds. Essential listening for Bowie and Scott freaks !

Track Listing:-
1 Yahoo!
2 Moonwalkers
3 Ghost
4 Kafkaesque World
5 The Crow
6 Glory
7 Down Amongst The Living
8 The Clown
9 Zizou's Big Day
10 The Doomed Ship Allegory
11 Groomed
12 School Reunion
13 The Ballad Of Deano

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