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Aliens - Astronomy for Dogs

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 21 / 4 / 2007

Aliens - Astronomy for Dogs
Label: EMI
Format: CD


Catchy, but not especially inspiring 60's-influenced debut album from the Aliens, the new band of former Beta Band members John Maclean, Robin Jones, and Gordon Anderson

Certainly one of the saddest split-ups in recent time was that of the Beta Band. Singer Steve Mason went on using the King Biscuit Time moniker from his year 2000 solo sidekick project EP, at which time life at Regal/EMI Records still seemed fine and dandy. His 'Black Gold' album for Alan McGee's Poptones label from 2006 was a pretty jolly if, however, not a wholly convincing affair. King Biscuit Time lasted until just recently when Mason joined MySpace as Black Affair; stepping into R&B territory and saying goodbye to pop and melody at least for the moment. The Aliens are the Beta Band without Steve Mason as it were. In the absence of a phlegmatic and idiosyncratic frontman, the Aliens surface as a most pleasant bunch of retro 60's hipsters. Up in the air just like the Inspiral Carpets once were, with harmonic choruses and hard hitting organ riffs, their debut album 'Astronomy for Dogs' has it share of catchy moments. Borrowing hooks and melody lines from the rich history of the British Invasion left, right and centre, the Aliens sound like the first Merseybeat band to have come from Scotland. Towards the end 'Astronomy for Dogs' gives room to some experimentation. It is like they are saying "Look Steve, we've got a drum computer too. And we've even used it!" At other times, however, the Aliens sound like a local pub cover band that has just learned a few Byrds tunes. Better reform, you Betas! Your recent wanderings seem rather useless. EMI is due to collapse anyhow.

Track Listing:-
1 Setting Sun
2 Robot Man
3 I Am the Unknown
4 Tomorrow
5 Rox
6 Only Waiting
7 She Don't Love Me No More
8 Glover
9 Honest Again
10 The Happy Song
11 Caravan (Including Hidden Track "She Don't Love Me No More (Reprise)")

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