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Mugstar - Bethany Heart Star/Bilkas Crib

  by Emma Dawson

published: 6 / 3 / 2007

Mugstar - Bethany Heart Star/Bilkas Crib
Label: Trensmat Records
Format: 7"


Mildly disappointing new 7' single from jackhammering post-rock group Mugstar, whose self-titled debut album was one of the highlights of last year

Mugstar’s recent self-titled debut album was a true tour de force, a sonic juggernaut of jackhammer post-rock justifiably earning great reviews from all quarters. This single is comprised of two non-LP cuts, ‘Bethany Heart Star/Bilkas Crib’, and are cut pretty much from the same cloth as the album. Unfortunately, however, while the trademark Mugstar heaviness is still here, there is something strangely lacking in both 'Bethany Heart Star' and 'Bilkas Crib' to make either truly sparkle in the way the album tracks so wonderfully do. They seem to meander rather than forcefully pursue their sonic goals and so never truly get off the ground in the way one would expect. On the whole, a little disappointing, but perhaps this is now more down to the high expectations we have for Mugstar.

Track Listing:-
1 Bethany Heart Star
2 Bilkas Crib

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Mugstar (2006)
Gigantic-sounding, fantastic space rock on debut album from new Liverpuldian group Mugstar

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