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Indigo Moss - Indigo Moss

  by Jamie Rowland

published: 6 / 3 / 2007

Indigo Moss - Indigo Moss
Label: Butterfly Recordings
Format: CD


Slightly lacklustre Broken Family Band country/folk rock on first album from London-based band Indigo Moss

Indigo Moss remind me very much of the Broken Family Band, with their country/folk stylings (and vocals that sound very similar to Broken Family Band's Steven Adams), but, while they certainly have the energy and melodies to make a pretty good foot-tapper, they lack the humour and emotion of a Broken Family Band record. This self-titled album is not a chore to listen to, but neither is it really a great pleasure. I can’t personally see myself sitting down and listening to this album very often, as to my mind there is nothing particularly about the music that makes me want to return for more; it’s country-folk by numbers – nothing wrong with it, but nothing we haven’t heard before. But maybe I’m just being overly critical. If you’re a folk fan and you enjoy a fiddle (the instrument, obviously) then chances are you’ll like this record. These are accessible songs; single ‘Start Over Again’ has a nice sing-a-long “lalala” section and trundles along at a good old pace, and I’m sure there’ll be many people who think this album is a great, fun record. Unfortunately, I’m not one of those people.

Track Listing:-
1 Start Over Again
2 Suicide Song
3 Dang Nabitt
4 Happy
5 Miss Those Eyes
6 See See Rider
7 Ok Without You
8 Swimming
9 The Sweet Spirits O' Cats A Fightin'
10 They're Red Hot
11 Red Shoes
12 Nature Of This Town

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