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I Love Poland - I Love Poland

  by Tommy Gunnarsson

published: 9 / 11 / 2006

I Love Poland - I Love Poland
Label: Denial Records
Format: CD


Dark-sounding electro pop on debut mini-album from Leeds-based duo I Love Poland, which draws comparisons with the Human League

The two young men, Ben (vocals and bass) and Chris (drum machine and synths) who apparently house some warm feelings for my southern neighbours in fact comes from Leeds, and this is their first EP, or mini-album, as there are seven songs on this disc. According to their own website, they want to sound like Marc Almond, and when listening to the second track on this self-titled record, 'The Glamour of the Dark', I don't think they are too far off the target, even though I would rather draw comparisons to Phil Oakey and the Human League, especially as Ben's voice is about as dark as Mr Oakey's. Even when Ben is as good as quiet, as in 'Stereolegs', I can hear influences from the early days of the Human League. This is rather good, even though there are moments when I Love Poland miss a really strong melody. Most of the songs are quite monotonous, but I guess that is part of the Human League influence too, as they could be quite hard to listen to at time. Some more great choruses and I will certainly look forward to the next release!

Track Listing:-
1 Not Ill
2 Glamour Of The Dark
3 Stereo Legs
4 Speaker!
5 The IncredibleSuccess
6 Kill Yourself
7 Candy

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